Saturday, October 8, 2011

“El Podrido”: The Rotten Makes Good

"El Podrido", (C) 2011, Miachelle DePiano.

When we are in our teens and our 20’s, the majority of us experience that euphoria of feeling invincible, that we can and will conquer the world. Nothing can defeat us, regardless of our good or bad choices. Then Fate steps in, and we learn a new definition of invincibility. We learn it is not our physical being that is invincible, but our spirit that is invincible, and we find out just how invincible our spirit really is.

Five years ago, El Podrido (the Rotten), a graffiti artist as well as a welder and metal artist, learned such a lesson. Originally from New Mexico, El Podrido always dreamed of living in Arizona, and moved to Phoenix. Deeply influenced by graffiti, he lived a dual life. By day, he was a certified welder, and by night a graffiti artist. Eventually he became recognized for his work, and was invited to create murals.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hell on Wheels

"Patty Slamaise", (C) 2011, Miachelle DePiano

When I was a little girl, I used to watch roller derby on television with my mother. As a young girl, I was amazed by these amazons. They were rough, they were tough, and far meaner than any “professional” wrestler I watched. They would zip around the arena, as easy as you please, and somehow beat each other up.

Fast forward some 35+ years. As I was on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Tempe, I saw a young woman on roller skates, in full safety gear, and pretty much covered from head to toe. I wondered if she was a derby girl. She rolled by me and smiled.